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Axel Hansmann is VP Strategy & Marketing Communications at Thales M2M. Blogs on all M2M topics, especially around M2M modules, SIM/MIM, security and service enablement. Enjoys skiing and mountain biking in the Alps.

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The security challenge of smart cities

So much has been said and written about smart cities over the past five to ten years that it is tempting to say that there is nothing more to be discussed on the subject. However, in an interesting post earlier this year, Usman Haque talked about the need for smart city experts to go beyond […]


M2M provides travelers with real-time updates

M2M technologies are helping making our lives more secure and more convenient, whether helping control our energy usage, providing us with access to in-car apps, or looking after our medical treatments. In fact, there are so many potential uses for exciting M2M technologies that it’s easy to feel lost in a wave of innovation. One […]


When will car manufacturers launch functional in-car apps? – Question…

Welcome to Barcelona! With Mobile World Congress starting today, our M2M Q&A continues. This time we have been asked when we can expect all the major car manufacturers to launch a full suite of in-car apps that can remotely diagnose, alert and provide functional access to the onboard car software? Ric Ferraro has specifically suggested […]


Which consumer-facing M2M propositions will make their mark first? –…

Continuing our trend of being interviewed by leading experts in our spheres of influence, as we did last year around Mobile World Congress, we are starting this again for #MWC2012. Kicking off our first interview is Helen Keegan who is running Mobile Heroes at Mobile World Congress and also blogs at Musings of a Mobile […]


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