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Senior Director, Data Protection Services After spending nearly two decades co-founding start-ups and working within multi-national integrators and service providers, Gary Marsden is now bringing to market Gemalto’s latest innovation - SafeNet Data Protection On Demand. Following the path of new technologies and growth markets has led Gary into the heart of many exciting and innovative products and projects. He has been instrumental in the development of managed and cloud services for voice, data, IT infrastructures and security markets. Joining CryptoCard in 2007 (later acquired by SafeNet) Gary led the development of the managed authentication service business, achieving a leadership position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for four years in succession and growing the user base from 30 users to over 2.5 million users in 2015. His ability to tap into the latest global trends across the managed services market, such as Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Digital Payments comes from the years spent building channel-oriented business models. With the ever increasing business focus on end-to-end security, from network layer through to applications integration, Gary’s experience is invaluable in building customer and channel-focused solutions and services, with a high level of focus on the whole value chain. Automating workflow processes, transforming data protection into a click and deploy model and allowing data owners to migrate between cloud providers are just a few of the ways Gary is helping vendors achieve success.

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Take Control of Your CloudHSM Migration Plan

When your cryptographic keys are already secured using the HSMs from the leading data protection provider in industry, and you don’t want to downgrade your security for your Cloud First plans: you have a choice. That choice is Thales – the SafeNet HSMs you know and trust. For hybrid and multicloud data protection – available in the cloud as SafeNet Data Protection On Demand, and on-premises as SafeNet Luna HSMs.

Choosing the Right Cloud HSM

Hardware Security Modules (HSM) are vital to the security of today’s cloud-enabled, digital world. They act as trust anchors that protect encryption and the cryptographic infrastructure of the most security-conscious organizations in the world by securely managing, processing, and storing cryptographic keys. Without them, data, transactions and the increasing number of workloads in the cloud […]

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