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MWC: The acceleration of the eSIM market

If you were at MWC last year, then you may remember us talking about the power of eSIMs. Whether it’s bringing greater choice and flexibility for consumers or simplifying the access and management of cellular connectivity for massive IoT – we’ve long discussed the benefits of this technology. However, in the past 12 months there […]

5G – Maximising security and connectivity with Velocity

The theme of this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) event is velocity – capturing the ideas about the speed at which technology is revolutionising our industry. 5G will be one of those key lenses in which this is discussed. At ground-breaking speed 5G is unlocking value across the mobile ecosystem. With millions of 5G devices […]

ICYMI: Developments in Digital Banking & Payment

The way consumers manage their finances is changing and every year we grow more accustomed to digital channels that are not only efficient – but user-friendly and secure. The banks looking to future-proof themselves are the ones that recognise this, continue to innovate and put these new services in customer’s hands. This year we’ve explored […]

ICYMI: Sustainability initiatives in 2022

In recent years increased attention has turned to sustainability. As climate change and ethical means of doing business are (rightfully) becoming a big driver behind consumer decisions, over the past year we’ve explored some of the different ways that various sectors are looking to tackle this issue – whether it’s energy efficient document verification readers […]

ICYMI: 2022 – A Year in Digital Identity

Digital identity has never been more important. Whether it’s giving consumers a more secure, and easy way to prove who they are, or helping bring legal identity to those across the world – there have been many developments, debates and pieces of legislation brought to the forefront this year – many of which we have […]

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