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The hardest working man in slow business. Or is it the other way around? Regardless, John’s the MarCom manager for our eBanking division, based in Sweden. Blogs on all things Ezio -- Gemalto’s brilliant brand for online banking security -- and industry related matters. Enjoys fine dining, semi-false singing and bad football. His team, ÖIS, is stuck in Sweden’s 3rd division now.


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The World of eBanking: Africa

Following on from our previous post on the world of eBanking which focused on Asia, we continue with the series by taking a look at eBanking in Africa. Africa The financial services sector in Africa is poised to thrive.  According to consultancy Bain & Company, the $107 billion industry could grow by 15 percent a […]

Around the eBanking world in 80 posts (4 actually)

With the boom in online banking, Banks around the world are moving rapidly to expand their use of digital security devices – something you have – for eBanking and eCommerce. The move to a safer online experience using digital security devices to replace antiquated static passwords is universal and in the first of our series of 4 posts we’re looking at Asia.

5 reasons to up eBanking security – N°4 it’s not…

Adding an additional security device into online banking at the client’s own PC, commonly referred to as multi-factor authentication, significantly changes the game for cyber criminals. This might take the form of a bank-issued smart card and individual reader or a USB token that the bank customer uses when online.

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