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Stephane Quetglas is Director of Marketing for Embedded Products at Thales. He leads activities around the Thales embedded SIM and embedded Secure Elements for the consumer and IoT markets, as well as associated value added services. Stephane is also Director of the Board at the Trusted Connectivity Alliance and is in charge of defining the organization’s focus and strategic direction in collaboration with the other members of the board. Prior to his current position, Stephane held roles in R&D, product management, strategic programs and acquisition integration manager within Gemalto. He then joined the IoT Business Line to develop the smart manufacturing business.

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MWC 2023: Why the time is now for Massive IoT

In just 2 years’ time it is estimated that there will be around 3.4 billion devices that will feature an embedded SIM (eSIM). We’ve spoken at length before about the benefits of eSIM technology, which will be a large focus for us at this year’s MWC – but one area we’re going to look at […]

IoT Now Interview: How to improve IoT security whilst being…

In part one of this blog, we showcased some recent highlights following a conversation that Stephane Quetglas had with George Malim from IoT Now about the GSMA’s IoT SAFE initiative. Part one covered what the IoT SAFE initiative was, plus the challenging cybersecurity landscape faced by enterprises when it comes to securing IoT devices. In […]

IoT Now Interview: How to improve IoT security whilst being…

Security in IoT has often been listed as a development priority but then postponed or neglected with negative consequences. Traditional approaches to securing devices are too inflexible, too expensive or too complex to integrate to meet the timescale and volume needs of IoT enterprises. Thales’ Stephane Quetglas recently sat down with George Malim from IoT […]

Everything you need to know about iSIMs

Integrated SIMs (iSIMs) are set to dominate the connectivity market over the coming years, and in fact, is set to be a big topic of discussion at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC). There’s no shortage of information and news about iSIMs out there, but it can be overwhelming to sift through it all and […]

iSIM Technology: What it is and why is the technology…

In our previous blog, we discussed the latest evolution in SIM technology – the Integrated SIM (iSIM). In this blog post, we’ll be delving in deeper to what the key market drivers behind this technology are, how iSIMs solve these problems, how it leverages eSIM technology and the market innovators leading the way. What are […]

The Evolution of SIM Technology: What is an eSIM and…

Over 30 years ago, the first SIM card was invented, revolutionizing the industry. Being able to move an existing subscription between different devices hadn’t been possible up until then – it gave customers a greater sense of control and flexibility. Over the years, the size of SIMs became smaller – but the biggest milestone came […]

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