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Stephane Quetglas is Director of Marketing for Embedded Products at Thales. He leads activities around the Thales embedded SIM and embedded Secure Elements for the consumer and IoT markets, as well as associated value added services. Stephane is also Director of the Board at the Trusted Connectivity Alliance and is in charge of defining the organization’s focus and strategic direction in collaboration with the other members of the board. Prior to his current position, Stephane held roles in R&D, product management, strategic programs and acquisition integration manager within Gemalto. He then joined the IoT Business Line to develop the smart manufacturing business.

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How consumer eSIM technology can unlock massive IoT

2.4 billion smartphone connections are set to use eSIMs by 2025. eSIMS were one of the hot topics at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and we’ve discussed its’ potential a great length on this blog. Alongside the benefits for consumers, eSIMs present a huge opportunity for massive IOT deployments – providing an efficient means for IoT […]

Unlocking the true potential of IoT with 5G

5G connectivity will power a world of new services. By 2025, it will account for 21% of the world’s mobile connections – and has the power to truly unlock the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), connecting billions of objects. 5G unleashes a powerful combination of extraordinary speed, expanded bandwidth, low latency, and increased […]


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