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Slow news week! 3 words that are never linked to…

Unsurprisingly this was the direct opposite of a slow news week for the mobile industry and for Gemalto’s Telecom business it was no different. We’ve announced new products, contracts, partnerships, oh and of course the unavoidable Facebook SIM


You thought we just made SIMs? Here’s our mobile marketing…

I’ve been told to keep the length of my posts down (I’m sorry I wanted to be a novelist) so here’s a quickie video of Caroline Doussot, our Mobile Marketing expert, talking about the offer we’ve been showing at Mobile World Congress. As you can see the SIM is just a small part of the […]

Mobile Retail Masterclass

The Mobile Retail Masterclass recently held in London and run by the folks at, put retailers and solution providers together in the the same room to discuss this burgeoning market.

Safer surfing for Singaporean school kids

Last Friday, 8th April we kicked off our partnership with the NCPC in Singapore with their launch of the Cyberonia game for all 11 year old school children in the country. This online educational game aims to help children and their parents learn about cyber-security while playing online.

Making travel more personal

Contactless travel cards aren’t new – many countries already offer them, from Hong Kong’s Octopus card to London’s Oyster card. What is the first of its kind, however, is a customized travel card, which is what Stockholm Public Transport (“Storstockholms Lokaltrafik”) is now offering.