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Thoughts and trends at MWC: eSIMs, IoT and post-quantum

At huge events like Mobile World Congress (MWC), it’s common to feel overwhelmed by information. We attend sessions, meet new people, and take in fresh insights. But then, by the time we get back home, it’s become too much to process. The temptation can be to simply revert back to our everyday routines and ways […]

Adapting to thrive in a new era of connectivity management:…

In the lead up to MWC, we shared various articles on the explosion of connected devices, and how this necessitates a shift in how we manage connectivity. The verdict is clear: we can no longer manage connectivity as we did before. The landscape has changed, and so must our strategies. So, how do IoT enterprises […]

Why we’re focused on keeping things simple at MWC

At this year’s MWC, we’ll be talking more about how we’re meeting the needs of consumers and businesses through the connected objects they use in their daily lives. We live in a world where technology is everywhere. Think about when you’re at the supermarket, tapping your smartphone to pay for your shopping. Or maybe you’re […]

MWC 2024: Connecting and protecting cars for a safer world

The automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation, with research by Omdia revealing that more than 900 million connected cars will be on the road by the beginning of the next decade. These vehicles will not only communicate with each other, but also with our homes and with the urban environment. From in-car entertainment to […]

Navigating the Quantum Leap: Preparing for a Post-Quantum World at…

As the world’s largest mobile event, MWC attracts thousands of visitors who are eager to discover the newest breakthroughs in connected devices – from wearable gadgets to smart vehicles to digital health solutions. But behind the excitement, there’s also a looming threat to the security of these technologies: quantum computing. In time, quantum computers will […]

MWC 2024: Key innovations at this year’s event

Mobile World Congress (MWC) gathers the entire connectivity ecosystem across many different industries. At this year’s event, mobile operators, technology providers and device manufacturers will all come together to share ideas and keep supporting the  evolution of the connected world. Here are some of the trends and innovations we’ll be talking about at this year’s […]

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