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Who will win the driverless car race?

Let’s play a game of word association. What springs to mind when you hear ‘driverless cars’? Let me guess: Google. Did you know, however, that there are many other brands involved in developing the concept of a driverless car? From Audi and Toyota to Mercedes, it is claimed that they actually have more chance of […]


When will all airports have automatic passport control?

I’m from the UK but live in France and travel a lot for work. My recent trip back to the UK brought home the potential delights of an automatic immigration/border control experience. Living in the Schengen area, I enjoy the benefits of borderless Europe but last week I had to make a trip back home to the UK (which is not part of the agreement).

Mobile 2025: Predict the future of Mobile World Congress in…

Mobile World Congress, arguably the biggest event in the tech calendar, is just a few weeks away. Drawing over 70,000 of the brightest minds from around the globe to display and discuss the next big thing in mobile. We’re expecting to see a lot on wearables, tablets, iterative improvements to last year’s Smartphones, more movement […]

EMV can eliminate fraud, not just shift it

You always see us say on this blog that EMV chip technology is more secure than magnetic stripe, and prevents payment fraud and use of counterfeit cards.  Well we don’t just say it – the stats confirm it.  Since the UK has implemented EMV, fraud has dropped steadily every year, and many other countries have […]