Government & Healthcare Topics Ahead as Gemalto Heads to Government Conference

Last updated: 19 March 2014

This week, Gemalto is heading to Washington, DC for the Smart Card Alliance’s annual government conference.  We will be blogging from the event and after, as there is sure to be a lot of news regarding some of the most pressing topics in government, healthcare and trusted IDs on the Internet.

Some of the topics we are most looking forward to hearing about and blogging about at the conference:

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) – Did you know that an estimated 11.7 million Americans were victims of some kind of identity theft, including online identity theft over a recent two-year period? NSTIC aims to create a more secure Internet through the use of stronger identity verification credentials.  Next week, amongst many presentations on the topic, NSTIC head Jeremy Grant will give an update on the effort, while Gemalto’s own Neville Pattinson will talk about its business case.

Healthcare ID – As Gemalto’s Michael Magrath told us in a previous blog, fraudulent claims and identity theft are widely known as the bane of the Medicare system, as it suffers more than $60 billion in fraud every year through practices like phantom billing and durable medical equipment fraud.   We are looking forward to hearing what the experts have to say about the proposed smart card for Medicare, called the Medicare CAC card, as well as other issues around healthcare and identity.

PIV, PIV-I and CIV – Today, smart card-based Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials are used to secure the identities of federal employees, while government contractors utilize the same standards with PIV-Interoperable (PIV-I) credential.  Now, enterprises can actually take advantage of the standards already in place to issue Commercial Identity Verification (CIV) credentials to their employees.  We are expecting to hear a lot of news and updates on all of these initiatives.

Check back in the coming days for news on these topics and more from the conference!

One thought on “Government & Healthcare Topics Ahead as Gemalto Heads to Government Conference

  1. Amy Gant,
    I am sooooo proud of you and what you have written in this Blog. I read all of it and plan to stay up on what you have written. Keep up the Great Work. All Americans need to know about these issues!!!
    Manu Blessings and love,
    Cindy Kilroy (Lindsay’s Aunt)

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