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Last updated: 19 March 2014

It’s always pleasing to see creative, informed content get the recognition it deserves, particularly in the world of social media. As we wave goodbye to 2011, I thought I’d take a look at some of the security, telecoms and emerging tech blogs that we’ve been following here at Gemalto and ask our readers to suggest those we should be visiting in 2012.

In no particular order, here’s a look at five blogs I enjoy reading online when I’m looking for something reliable, entertaining and, above all, utterly informative from the blogosphere…

  • NFC News – Updated several times a day, NFC News hosts regular industry reviews with video content and podcasts. Split into sections including Handsets, Health Care, Marketing and Promotions, Payments, Physical Security and Transit; access to the quarterly Secure ID publication Regarding ID Magazine is also available via subscription.
  • NFC World – As comprehensive as they come, with a consumer focus that extends to the definitive list of NFC phones. Edited by Sarah Clark, the blog spans everything from worldwide NFC trials to an extensive events list that keeps associates not just informed, but connected face to face. The newsletter is a must for NFC nerds.
  • ePayment News – Curated by John B. Frank, the ePayment News blog is bold and beautiful, covering everything from tech updates to investment market reviews. Handy features include the ‘you might also like’ (I almost always do…) bars and Payment News RSS page of ever evolving information.
  • GoMo News – Billed as strategic mobile news, GoMo News is a water cooler of mobile content split into five content-rich sections. The hot topics bar takes you straight to the latest analytics whilst the Mobile Events section remains current. GoMo is the place to go for Mobile Industry Reports and there’s even a dedicated India & Asia Pacific section to keep the West in the know.
  • Mobile Industry Review – Never failing to amuse, Ewan MacLeod started the blog in 2006 and has developed it into both a consumer, business and personal collection of current trends and insightful topics. What I particularly enjoy is Ewan’s stance on his love/hate relationship with emerging technology. Both stimulating and revealing, MIR behaves as an eloquent and outspoken informant, fuelled by quality coffee.

There are hundreds of blogs on security, telecoms, NFC and banking for me to digest online, and while unfortunately I can’t spend all of my time reading – with technology on the move I’m always open to suggestions.

Finally, I know this post is about Tech Blogs but as a Digital Marketing professional here’s one from another field but with a tenuous enough link and interesting views to be my joker:

  • Econsultancy – is a community where the world’s digital marketing and ecommerce professionals meet. It has over 110,000 members (including me) and features multiple blog posts per day on SEO, social media, web strategy and more. The blog is written by in-house and external experts who manage to mix in-depth strategy pieces like “Does my B2B company really need a Facebook page” with more topical news such as the latest spat between Twitter and Google. As with all blogs in the digital space it does cross-over into tech such as Mastercard’s support of mobile payment.

We all owe bloggers for quenching their writing thirst every now and again. So who do you think deserves a bit of recognition?

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