Gemalto supports Diners Club Spain’s EMV Migration

Last updated: 19 March 2014

I’m pleased to say that Gemalto now supports Diners Club issuers worldwide in their EMV migration projects with smart banking cards, following an agreed deployment with Diners Club Spain during 2012. Diners Club cardholders will benefit from increased security for their financial transactions and a more convenient payment option when traveling internationally.

It’s no secret that the supervision of money whilst traveling is a universal concern. Sheltered airport lounges go some way towards relieving the stress of business travel, but the last thing you want to think about when spending leisure time away is security.

Diners Club International, part of Discover Financial Services, is a global payments network with acceptance in more than 185 countries, and access to over 800,000 cash access locations and ATMs. Gemalto is providing Diners Club Spain with consulting services, in addition to Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA) payment cards, compliant with the Discover Financial Services D-Payment Application Specification (D-PAS), which will extend our secure network worldwide.

DDA is a highly secure authentication technology whereby the smart card chip creates a unique signature for each transaction, which allows banks to authorize transactions more securely. With the addition of Diners Club Spain, we’re supplying EMV solutions to all international payment associations, providing a complete portfolio of secure payment applications.

For Gemalto, it’s important to provide services beyond simple transactions by anticipating the technological moves of international payment associations. We look forward to providing our strong network of service centers on all five continents to support Diners Club EMV issuance throughout 2012 and beyond.

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