Want to Hear Gemalto Speak at SXSW? We Need Your Vote!

Last updated: 19 March 2014

SXSWi has become the place to preview the technology of tomorrow today and Gemalto wants to be a part of this! Last year our very own Asad Ali presented on Smart Cities and Connected Objects and this year we need your help to not only have Asad present again, but to help other bright minds show what Gemalto has to offer.

Voting accounts for 30% of the judging panel’s decision on what presentations are given at the show and Gemalto needs your support. Click on each link below to cast a vote for one of our speakers.  To vote for all of them, you’ll need to click on each link separately:

David Teo – Cultivating innovation – Enabling the BIG Idea: Companies not in startup mode commonly overlook the important concept that got them there – investment in innovation and the cultivation of new ideas. In this session, the importance of innovation will be discussed and how businesses today can be a model of creativity to empower employees and support them in the creation of new ideas. Gemalto’s Business Innovation Garage (BIG) is a prime example of this and has fueled 350 propositions.

Asad Ali – Consumer habit and the enterprise: An odd couple: As a modern day technology consumer, we thrive on new innovation which enables our lives to become more convenient, giving little thought to the implications of a potential data breach. Cloud storage being at the forefront of this trend, we store personal data without hesitation, but how does this translate over to the enterprise?

Naomi Lurie—Mobile Money: Changing Lives in Emerging Markets: It is estimated that by 2020, the growth of mobile devices in emerging markets will be worth $38 billion, opening doors to improve lives through the mobile phone. For most emerging markets, traditional banking methods are not available making commerce a challenge in developing rural areas. In this session the possibilities of mobile money and currently implemented programs will be discussed.

Amol Deshmukh—The Rise of Mobile Payments – Enabling Technologies: There is no question consumer’s dream of a world with mobile payments, driven by the convenience of transactions, dematerialization of the physical wallet, personalized offer and loyalty rewards through the simple interface of the mobile phone. All the questions you thought of and even those you haven’t will be discussed in the crash course on mobile payment technology.

Tell your friends, tell your family and simply click on the links above to cast your vote for Gemalto! Hopefully you will get the opportunity to see all of these presentations at SXSWi 2014!

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