Stuck at the airport again? Introducing the secure solution to speed up immigration

Last updated: 28 November 2019

We’ve all been there; you’ve touched down at the airport after a long flight, picked up your bags eager to get on with your journey, only to join the back of a lengthy line for passport control. It’s frustrating for flyers and inefficient for staff. Technology is at the forefront of solving this problem, and as the infographic below shows, air passenger traffic is expected to double by 2030, so something needs to change quickly for airports to adapt to the increased footfall, without compromising security.

To cater for this, Gemalto has launched the Coesys Border and Visa Management solution to meet the combined needs of securing borders and simplifying travel procedures. The entirely computerized system enhances security and provides a more efficient set of tools to monitor border entries and exits.

According to ICAO, 53% of all passports issued are forecast to embed an electronic feature in 2017. In this respect, the Coesys Border and Visa Management has launched at a time when governments need to fast track travelers through major international airports, with no compromise on security.

Gemalto’s end-to-end solution integrates high availability service platforms, secured software and on-site services to significantly reduce waiting times through the use of automated document verification and border control at land, sea and airport check points. It also delivers higher rates of detection and prevention through official international databases to check if the travel document has been lost or stolen.

Coesys Border and Visa Management builds on Gemalto’s experience in government programs, with a global project footprint and long-standing trusted relationships with governments and authorities worldwide. For example, the solution has been selected by the Ghana Immigration Services (GIS) to create an advanced IT infrastructure that will put the country’s border control processes on a par with the latest, cutting-edge practices worldwide.

We’re excited to be the innovators behind speeding up the world’s airport lines, and ensuring convenience does not compromise security. Are you at Passenger Terminal Expo in Barcelona this week? Come and see us at Stand 1240 to find out more.

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