What is the power of wireless modules in a connected world?

Last updated: 26 January 2023

Most people have heard of M2M, the Internet of Things, connected devices and more by now. If you haven’t, then M2M World Congress, taking place over the next few days in London, UK, should be on your agenda.

However, the technical details that enable our hyper-connected world – giving us smart energy, tracking and tracing in logistics, vehicle telematics, m-health, payment, remote maintenance and control and security to name just a few of the opportunities – are often overlooked due to their complexity. Let’s take the wireless module for instance. Is it just a piece of hardware that adds connectivity to an object? I don’t believe so.

Wireless modules are essential to our global, and increasingly complex, ecosystem. The potential that connected devices and connectivity offer are endless and it’s a growing market, with Berg Insight itself predicting an uptake of wireless M2M technology. You may have heard of phrases such as the ‘proliferation of connected devices’ or ‘data security’ and this is because each connected device can be used to generate data, increasing the amount of data being transmitted exponentially.

And all data – whether big or smart data – comes down to the processing power available to ‘digest’ it. Whether a device, an enterprise application or general connectivity, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to embedded processing. Luckily there are solutions that exist to simplify and speed up the process of creating game-changing M2M solutions. For OEMs, for instance, the benefits are that they are able to streamline solution design while reducing the bill of materials. For all others wanting to take advantage of the hyper-connected world that M2M technology offers, it’s about ensuring the software component can be tightly coupled to the cellular module that provides data, communication and module management capabilities, and then being able to deploy straight off-the-shelf. The opportunities for M2M-enabled technologies and business models truly are endless.

To find out more, come and hear about the Future of M2M Wireless Modules at M2M World Congress. And, if you can’t make it, take a look at how this translates into reality, for example with our Smart Darts, using an embedded M2M system to track darts playing. This video from RCS Wireless News at Mobile World Congress provides a useful overview


Another demonstration of the technology shows the end to end application of wireless modules to remotely monitor recycling containers to improve logistics for more efficient trash collections powered by an application enablement platform. Can you think of other connected opportunities thanks to the power of the wireless module? Let us know below.

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