Gemalto and Red Hat: securing future open source innovation

Last updated: 06 February 2015

Open source security has been high on the news agenda in recent weeks, after the Heartbleed vulnerability found in the OpenSSL protocol called into question the safety of millions of websites from across the web in early April.

While the fallout from this vulnerability may not appear to be as great as many predicted, the full extent of its effects may not be known for some time. That this vulnerability was responded to so quickly is a testament to the number of companies and individuals who devote themselves to keeping the web an open and secure environment.

One such business is Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source software. But even the experts need their own security in place, which is why we’re pleased to announce that Gemalto will be working with Red Hat to provide digital security tokens that enable secure remote access for the company’s 6,000+ employees. Our Protiva token will integrate with Red Hat’s existing strong authentication technology for employees connecting to its virtual private network (VPN) and security assertion mark-up language (SAML) enabled applications.

If the events of the past month have shown us anything, it’s that the next big security flaw could have more extensive repercussions than we imagined. Implementing strong, two-factor authentication is an essential step in the ongoing fight against cybercrime.

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