Gemalto celebrates its 10th birthday

Last updated: 08 August 2022


Gemalto came into being on 2 June 2006, with the aim of building a world-class leader in digital security that could bring trust to our increasingly connected world. As we turn 10, we’re briefly looking back at how the market has evolved and more importantly, looking forward to opportunities and challenges for the next decade of digital.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a look at how the different markets we serve, from mobile to banking as well as government and enterprise security, have changed beyond recognition. In 2006, smartphones and social media were in their infancy, while ePassports had only just started to appear; in just 10 years the face of technology has changed beyond recognition.

These changes came with the arrival of cloud computing, BYOD, mass data breaches, super-fast 4G and more. Gemalto embraced the opportunities and has transformed itself. 10 years on, we’ve expanded our worldwide presence by 20%, employees by 50% while our revenues topped the €3bn mark last year. This was made possible by a shift to platforms and services, as well as the creation of our Internet of Things and Data and Software protection business.

Back in 2006, we focused on bringing trust to digital services for individuals mainly through the secure devices they carried in the pockets. 10 years on, we’ve expanded our business to enable trusted services for not just people, but also objects, devices and data, based around our two core technologies of authentication and data protection.

Looking forward, our world is set to become increasingly connected, bringing great opportunities as well as threats, both in terms of complexity and cyber-security. As part of our 10 year anniversary celebrations, we’ll be creating a series of posts and speaking to industry experts to see how the worlds of payment, enterprise security, identity management and others are set to change. Watch out for future posts around this key moment for Gemalto, and in the meantime take a look at the following animation showing 10 ways we’ve changed in 10 years:

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