What does innovation mean to you?

Last updated: 23 January 2019

There’s a famous quote that’s been variously attributed to Albert Einstein, Henry Ford and Mark Twain. It says: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Regardless of the exact source, the meaning is clear – to forge new opportunities, and to deliver increasingly better outcomes for customers, companies always need to think differently. That requires innovation.

If you look at the sectors that Gemalto works in, it’s clear that innovation is changing everything. From using biometrics to rethink the ways in which we authenticate people, to rebuilding vehicles for the autonomous revolution, the pace of change is unrelenting. And if you stand still, you risk getting left behind.

Innovation at Gemalto

Innovation is so important to us that it’s one of our three core values, alongside our customers and our people. To us it means continually developing new ideas and creative approaches to business and technology challenges, accelerating our own digital transformation through the use of agile methodologies and cloud technologies, and transforming how we work by using an innovation process to manage the constant flow of new ideas from across the entire company.

And it’s not something we take lightly – every year, we invest hundreds of millions of euros in R&D activities for our digital security solutions.

To explore what innovation means in the context of some of our key markets, we sat down for a coffee with four senior Gemalto executives to chat more about their views. From the overall role of innovation to specific thoughts for the worlds of IoT and banking, the below videos explore the principles and technologies on our agenda. And we also tackle some more light-hearted dilemmas – including the age old struggles between cats vs. dogs and The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones!

Serge Barbe, CTO, discusses the role of a CTO in driving innovation, what motivates him and what technologies will be coming next:

Benjamin Binet, VP Marketing for Mobile Services & IoT, talks about recent progress within the IoT, the basis for innovation within the world of connected devices and the challenges ahead:

Raphaël de Cormis, VP Innovation Labs, discusses how Gemalto’s Innovation Labs work, and why biometric technology and Artificial Intelligence have the potential to turn everyone into a superhero:

And finally, Frédérique Richert, Marketing Director, Digital Banking & Payment, explains what really matters in Digital Banking and details the options banks have to meet their customers’ expectations:

What does innovation mean to your business? Please share your thoughts, or any questions in response to the videos, in the comments below.

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