Five easy-to-miss Gemalto products that make life easier

Last updated: 08 August 2022

As the world becomes ever more reliant on technology, we have become accustomed to new inventions making our lives easier than ever before. As a result, there are many objects you might take for granted on a daily basis but never realized how difficult life would be without them. To show you exactly how easy it is to miss these products we’ve come up with a list of five Gemalto solutions that make life easier.

ePassports and automated border control gates

Can you remember a time before your passport had a chip to quickly get you through the security gates at the airport? There was nothing worse than getting off a flight-ready to enjoy your holiday only to find that the queue at passport control snaked for miles around the airport.

With the introduction of ePassports in 2006, passports were revolutionized, featuring a new design with additional security features. Using our technology, your personal and biometric data is stored in the chip inside your passport, which mirrors the same information as printed on the personal data page. When you go through security using the Automated Border Control gates the reader compares the measurements on your face with your passport photo, for example how far your eyes are from your lips, and uses this data to determine if it is really you using the passport.

The biometric technology reduces the risk of document fraud and allows passengers to avoid longer queues when getting through security checks. So, if you have an ePassport, there is a good chance we made it!

The security when logging on to your mobile banking app

The number of people using mobile banking via an app on their smartphone is predicted to reach over 35 million by 2023 in the UK alone, meaning the worldwide figure will be in the billions. As such, it is inevitable that the number of cyberattacks in the banking ecosystem has also risen. To counter this threat, we created Gemalto’s Mobile Protector, which provides multi-factor authentication and mobile security services when logging onto mobile banking.

For example, when you access mobile banking you are required to put in a pin code that only you know, or use the biometrics in your fingerprint to open the app. Previously, weaker methods such as receiving an SMS text message to confirm your authentication were used, however, these methods were much easier to deceive. Our technology now shields the mobile banking app against attacks like key loggers, phone theft and malware, while also protecting non-mobile channels against fishing and men-in-the-middle attacks. This is done through dynamic linking which creates a unique authentication key per transaction and also supports PSD2 compliance.

Connected Cars

Our technology puts the “connect” into connected cars. Our wireless modules are like stripped down mobile phones that provide a cellular data connection needed to power navigation and infotainment services. Indeed, the days of using a physical map on long journeys seem like a distant memory now, as these navigation systems provide us with live traffic information and smart routing.

The ability to transmit and receive data with an embedded SIM in the car identifies individual vehicles, while Machine to Machine (M2M) encrypted communications mean no one can hack into your car. In addition, the wireless modules ensure secure global connectivity for smart vehicle systems including eCall emergency solutions, vehicle telematics.

This system is designed to bring rapid assistance to drivers involved in collisions. In the event of a serious road incident, an eCall-equipped car automatically dials the emergency services. We supply many car makers, if you have a new Peugeot or Citroën for example, there’s a good chance that we connected it.

Encrypting interbank fund transfers so the world’s economy keeps turning

We all agree that keeping your money in a bank is safer than under the mattress. Our data encryption platforms, known as Hardware Security Modules (HSM) are used by banks to protect money and financial data from cyberattacks. This technology not only helps financial organizations keep money safe inside their networks but also ensures it can be safely exchanged within the global financial system. Our platforms protect more than $1 trillion every day in interbank fund transfers and makes sure the economy doesn’t come to a halt.

Roaming Management

Ever wondered how, when you take your phone off airplane mode or switch it off and on again, it automatically reconnects to a network? This is enabled via a Gemalto device-based steering solution, called Roaming Management, which connects you to the preferred network, according to your service provider. This technology also provides real-time and effective traffic steering during peak periods, ensuring up to 95+% successful traffic redirection, avoiding anti-steering issues and improving the network you get.

Were these solutions new to you? Are you surprised that Gemalto is behind these interesting life-hacks? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @Gemalto.

And as part of the Thales group there are now many more ways we’re helping you out, whether it be guiding your plane safely to its destination or ensuring your train arrives on time at the right platform – learn more at the Thales website.

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