NFC payments are back in the limelight as U.S. gears up for Money20/20

Last updated: 31 October 2014

This is an especially exciting time in the payments industry, as the EMV migration is sweeping through the U.S. and mobile payments are poised to explode.  Business Insider recently predicted that in-store mobile payments will grow by 42X over the next 4 years.  Having been a part of the NFC from its infancy, we’re proud to see NFC and payment topics in the limelight at this year’s Money20/20 event in Las Vegas.  Money 20/20 has developed into one of the premier payment events of the year, with an estimated 7,000 attendees.  The event hasn’t even begun, and it’s already sold out.

We have no doubt that discussions held at Money20/20 will lead to innovations in the payments industry for years to come.  And there’s a lot to get amped up about, especially when it comes to mobile payments.

Watch the video: The Impact of Mobile Commerce

The impact of mobile commerce video


If you’ll be attending the show, too, come find us at our lounge on Level 1, next to the outdoor patio.  We will have a variety of games, giveaways, and plenty of information about EMV and NFC mobile payments.  We’ll also be announcing  updates and lounge events on our Twitter handle, so be sure to stay tuned for impromptu announcements.  You can also keep up with us on our Money20/20 page during the event.

Gemalto’s President of North America, Sebastien Cano, will participate on a panel discussion about the NFC ecosystem, giving insight into how NFC makes it easier to make payments and what role the mobile network operators play.

Additionally  Jack Jania, will speak about the evolution of payment security, including EMV, mobile payments, and card-not-present (CNP) with industry leaders from Bank of America, US Bank, and the EMV Migration Forum.  The security that NFC brings to payments has caused NFC to gain attention recently, and Jack will shed more light on why NFC and the secure element are regarded so highly for payments.

Looking for a refresher on how NFC works?  Stop by and talk to us, and watch our video below to get started.

NFC video

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