Approaching digital banking like an adventurer

Last updated: 27 October 2016

Approach digital banking like adventurer

What does it take to be a great adventurer? As a professional mountain guide, Per Ås has a very good idea. “You need to be able to analyze the landscape and the weather, identify risks and make the safest possible choice in every situation”, he told us in an interview. And that’s not all. You must be a leader, cultivating trust among your group and making sure you work together, especially when you’re on an Antarctic glacier. “If you should fall into a crevasse, you want to be attached to that rope”.

These aren’t just valuable lessons for those wanting to follow in Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ footsteps. For banks, digital transformation might seem like a mountain to climb. With the industry being disrupted by fintechs and digital innovators, traditional banks face the prospect of having to radically alter their business models. There’s also the problem of cybercrime. As transactions move to the virtual world, so do fraudsters, and their techniques are becoming more and more sophisticated.

However, by embracing change and investing in innovation, banks can reap rewards. Through applying the adventurer’s mindset – daring ambition, inspirational leadership, close-knit teamwork and inculcating trust – banks can reap rewards. Watch our video below to discover more about the benefits of digitization for financial institutions:

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be talking more about the benefits of digitization for banks. We’ll also be sharing the formula for the ultimate bank success. From simplifying enrolment and improving the customer journey to boosting efficiencies across business models, the advantages of an integrated and seamless digital platform are too important to overlook.

In short, our message to banks is to innovate, collaborate and act like an adventurer. Find out more about the explorer’s mentality on our dedicated webpage – and let us know your thoughts on digital transformation by tweeting to us at @Gemalto, using the hashtag #FormulaForBankSuccess.

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