ICYMI: Sustainability initiatives in 2022

Last updated: 09 February 2023

In recent years increased attention has turned to sustainability. As climate change and ethical means of doing business are (rightfully) becoming a big driver behind consumer decisions, over the past year we’ve explored some of the different ways that various sectors are looking to tackle this issue – whether it’s energy efficient document verification readers at airports, tackling the global identity crisis, or sustainable payment cards.

Helping the airport sector meet net-zero targets

The airport sector has set itself some very ambitious and strict net-zero deadlines. The body that represents European airports, ACI Europe, is committed to achieving carbon net zero by 2050. In addition, nearly half of Europe’s airports have set themselves target dates of 2030 or earlier. This race to net-zero energy also coincides with the ever-pressing need to reduce energy spending.

As such, the airport sector is scrutinizing every aspect of the passenger terminal infrastructure – with automated document readers a prime example of this.

In this blog we took a deep dive into automated ID verification, and how new standards and technology are helping the process run more efficiently.

Shining a Spotlight on Energy Efficient ID Verification and Document Readers

ESG initiatives in the banking and payment sector

For Earth Day 2022, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the Banking and Payment sector and the power the industry has to drive sustainability. Banks are in a great position to help fight climate change because they are present in consumers’ everyday lives – giving them a prime opportunity to influence customer behaviour for the better.

In this sector, many initiatives are taken, which we detail in this blog, with one of them being the delivery of eco-payment cards. One example is a card made of Ocean Plastic® collected by Parley for the Oceans, which reduces plastic waste and helps fight landfill and sea pollution. Banks can also reduce their first-use plastic with a recycled PVC card that is made from plastic waste from the packaging and printing industries.

Why the Financial Services Sector Should Invest in ESG Initiatives Now

Delivering a legal identity for all

We can’t discuss sustainability without mentioning the importance of inclusivity. According to the World Bank, more than 1 billion people in the world do not have legal means to prove their identity. This is something that the United Nations has pledged to tackle with its 2030 legal identity agenda. Everyone has the right to their legal identity, which is why we’re using our technology and biometric solutions to help achieve this vital sustainable development goal.

This is a topic we feel very strongly about, and have written about at length this year. Check out our blog here on initiatives being taken to deliver a legal identity for all.

Shining a spotlight on legal identity

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