The Banking and Payment ‘Superpowers’: Delivering modern and responsible payment experiences

Last updated: 09 July 2024

People, Payments, Power: Be the hero your customers need.  

Modern card programs are the future of payments: in-person and online. So, to deliver our promise of building a future we can all trust, Thales is leading the way on the journey towards modern, responsible payment solutions.  

Because for modern customers, ‘payment solutions’ mean more than the products that enable them; truly innovative solutions create a payment experience that customers trust, can control, and can feel good about doing.  

But we understand that you have operational efficiencies, scalability requirements, regulation and compliance challenges, and so much more to consider. So, we help you to navigate your digital transformation seamlessly, simply, and in a way that doesn’t impact your loyal customers.  

Banks, fintechs, issuing processors, wallet providers, private labels, and retailers can rely on Thales to take the action needed to guide them through a seamless digital transformation. And we’re looking forward to supporting you during this journey.  

So, why is now the perfect time to discover how Thales can support your innovation and sustainability objectives?  

We’re proud to unveil our new banking and payment offering, and the four superpowers that we’re equipping you and your customers with.  

Only with Thales can you:  

  • Give your customers Endless Flexibility with simple, seamless payments. However they choose to pay, your customers deserve to feel empowered through a truly frictionless payment experience.  
  • Become Digitally Dynamic to give every customer their ideal payment experience. With real time insights and tech that puts them in control, your customers experience the modern, innovative, future-proof payment experience they deserve.  
  • What do your customers need from you? Rock-Solid Reliability, and the payment peace of mind that comes with it. Earn your customers’ trust, with the safe and secure digital and physical payment experiences they deserve.  
  • And what underpins it all: Positive Empowerment. With our help, empower your business to make the right environmental and social impact with ease. You can build a future we can all trust, with payment solutions that prioritise sustainability and financial inclusivity. It’s what your customers, your business, and our planet deserve.  

Thales has innovated over 100 worldwide customers’ digital card journey, and this experience has helped us build the ideal foundation for modern card programs 

A key lesson learned from our years of service is that our industry is innovating at a pace that renders ‘reactivity’ as worthless.  

Our commitment to you and your customers is proactivity. We will keep you agile, helping you to provide the experiences that will keep your customers loyal. This is achieved through a tried and tested recipe for success:  

  • Products and services that are eco-friendly  
  • Products and services that are inclusive  
  • Real-time, secure, simple services via the Mobile and web channels  
  • Proactive compliance with the fast-changing regulations frameworks  
  • Proactive compliance with the strong security industry standards mandates  
  • Staying one step ahead of the competition with the exponentially growing pace of innovations from payment networks, competitive fintechs.  

So, if you’re keen to secure your customers’ trust and loyalty with a truly super approach to modern payment solutions, we look forward to working with you soon. 

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