M2M Fact or Fiction: Personalized car comfort

Last updated: 26 January 2023

This is the eighth in a series of posts around the Gemalto M2M Fact or Fiction quiz, which pits you against a series of scenarios – real or imagined – to test how much of an M2M visionary you are. For the whole quiz, click here, and for other posts in the series – click here.

Long-time readers will know, of course, that this one is fact, not fiction, to some degree or another. Lexus has a smartkey / seat memory link, and a number of other manufacturers have been embedding personalized intelligence in their smartkeys, including odometer readouts, information about individual journeys etc.

And we’re working on adding a further degree of convenient security to smartkey personalization: the eGo project, supported by Gemalto, is designed to deliver biometric sensors to validate the personal identity of the person holding a wearable device, whether that’s a key fob or a more general identity sensor. So when you approach your car, touch it – the car authenticates you as you (and not just someone holding your key fob) and adjusts the seats, driving preference, potentially music selection and GPS… all to your individual needs.

As cars become more and more connected and sophisticated, personalization is becoming more important. It’s not just about seat height and mirror position (although those have safety benefits, as well as comfort ones), but also about personalized insurance policies, about driving conditions (speed limiting the car when your kids are behind the wheel, for example), pre-set GPS routes and heads-up display preferences. Perhaps it’ll even end the intra-family battles that take place over who gets to control the pre-sets on the in-car radio.

In car ‘Infotainment’ has, in fact, been at the heart of our collaboration with Audi, which saw us win an award earlier this year for bringing a next-generation 4G connected infotainment system into the Audi Connect service, available on select current generation Audi cars. As cars become information devices as well as transportation aids, the sophistication of M2M and security technologies needed to make the most of that information will grow even more.

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