IoTMaker inspiration: our top five blog picks

Last updated: 26 January 2023

We’re nearing the submissions deadline for the IoTMaker challenge. You have until 30th November to come up with a weird and wonderful concept for the next application of IoT or M2M technology. While we eagerly await your entries, we’ve highlighted some interesting collateral from some of the big M2M players for inspiration.

1. Oracle produces a wealth of material on the IoT. Many of its blog posts are very instructional and practical for Java developers, but to serve as a nice aperitif, I wanted to share this rather nifty interactive infographic which uses three different scenarios across: 1. Work 2.Health 3. Utilities, to paint a picture of life in the connected world.

Personally I like the idea of reaching into your wardrobe and reaching for your favourite connected coat. The coat’s sensor detects a high level of pollen in the air and reminds you to take your allergy medication. A godsend for hay fever sufferers!

2. In this video Intel’s Philip Moynagh explains IoT in less than 2 minutes. The jury is out as to whether the voiceover, music and video mesh well together but it’s still worth a watch. Moynagh suggests that the IoT is the first real revolution of the internet. The ‘internet of screens’ – that is the evolution of the internet over the last two decades – connecting our phones, tablets, laptops, TV screens etc. is in fact just a prelude. I have to agree; the best is yet to come!

3. Telefonica has an interesting guest blog on the Tactile Internet from IEEE fellows Mischa Dohler and Gerhard Fettweis, reflecting the evolving notions of real-time IoT and 5G mobile communications systems. The authors use a fascinating and topical illustration of how the Tactile Internet can deliver physical, potentially life-changing benefits remotely, by asking readers to imagine the delivery and possible self-assembly of hospital equipment to Ebola hit regions in West Africa. With the Tactile Internet, the best doctors and surgeons could then perform remote diagnosis and even surgery using connected technologies. Worth a read.

4. This month Vodafone tweeted news that its working with Dräger to prevent drink driving. Vodafone’s M2M SIM cards are being used to increase the safety of motorists and pedestrians. An immobiliser device now measures breath alcohol levels. If alcohol is detected in the driver’s breath, the vehicle’s engine will not start.

The data logged was previously only captured at a garage and sent to the authorities the next time the car was serviced; meaning the authorities were often only notified several months after the incident. Now it takes up to 30 minutes.

5. And finally, in case you missed it, here’s our very own post on the Arduino catalogue. Thinking about the sensors you can use in potential IoT projects can be a good point of inspiration!

To enter the IoTMaker challenge,  just tweet @gemalto with the hashtag #IoTMaker, email us at or leave a comment on any of our IoTMaker blogs.  All we need is a high level idea of your IoT concept and you’re in with a chance of victory. Prizes include Cinterion concept boards, iPhone 6s and – very excitedly the chance to see your concept become a reality, showcased at Mobile World Congress 2015.

Update: The entry window for the IoT Maker challenge has now closed, stay tuned to the blog for more information.

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