The IoT at MWC: what to watch out for

Last updated: 05 July 2017


Mobile World Congress 2016 is almost here, and we’re starting to get excited. From the 22nd-25th February, an anticipated 95,000 attendees, including industry experts and journalists, will gather in Barcelona.

We’re expecting to see all sorts of innovations on show, ranging from virtual and augmented reality-equipped devices, advanced mobile and mobile payments security solutions (where we have a very strong interest) and the latest in IoT technology. We’re also keen to showcase some of our innovations.

Ahead of MWC, we’ve decided to pick out some of the key trends we expect to emerge from the conference.


As the name suggests, smartphones are likely to be a key feature of Mobile World Congress, although Apple won’t be present. Samsung may release the Galaxy S7 the day before the conference, while LG and BlackBerry are also predicted to launch new handset models.

While the handsets are important, the underlying technologies, NFC and IoT and M2M, may attract more attention due to their importance.

Virtual reality

Another key theme of this year’s MWC could be Virtual Reality headsets. Samsung are rumored to be pushing a new product in the area, while Facebook, HTC and Google are already working on the technology. And of course, Oculus Rift is almost here.

IoT security

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that security is a key obstacle that the IoT must overcome. With everyday devices, such as televisions, energy meters and even fridges, now capable of transmitting large amounts of data, there is a risk that smart technology could be vulnerable to hackers. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a number of damaging cyber-attacks recently, prompting the GSMA, the global association of mobile network operators, to issue new security guidelines.

At Gemalto’s stand, we’ll be showcasing our IoT authentication and encryption solutions; Identity and Access Management, as well as Data Encryption. These solutions offer multi-layered protection for data on every step of its journey.

Wearable payments

We’ve discussed previously how 2015 was a year of extraordinary growth for mobile payments in the US and the UK. Now we’re expecting wearable payments to take off, which is why we’ll be showcasing our end-to-end infrastructure for securing wearable transactions. We’re also expecting new wearable devices from the likes of Samsung, Sony and LG to be exhibited at the conference.

As an example of the wearable NFC solutions we offer, we’ll be showcasing our payment solution for the MyKronoz smartwatch, which allows the user to make seamless transactions, top up when necessary and manage their bank account. We’ll ensure that the payment process is secure through tools like biometrics, tokenization and multi-factor authentication.

Bringing security to the connected car

As we saw at CES 2016, the connected car represents the future of transport; autonomous, intelligent and digital. If it’s going to enter the mainstream, though, we need to find robust security solutions. That’s why at Gemalto’s MWC stand we’ll be exhibiting our Secure ID car access. As an example, we’ll demonstrate how eDriver licenses can be used by travelers to enter and drive a rental car with their smartphone. In other words, the traditional car key might be on its way out…

All in all, then, MWC 2016 looks set to be a conference to remember. We’re excited to see what’s on display and showcase some of our IoT and NFC solutions. What are your expectations for MWC? Let us know by posting in the comments below, or by tweeting us at @Gemalto.

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