IoT World 2016: Bringing connectivity and security into the future

Last updated: 04 May 2016

We’ve all heard the stat: 25 billion things are projected to be connected to the internet by 2020. The opportunities are limitless. Soon, cars will be able to drive themselves, houses will be able to operate and communicate with their own appliances, and wearables will be able to monitor health, schedule appointments, and predict the weather all at once.

Next week at IoT World, 10,000 attendees will be gathering in the heart of Silicon Valley to discuss how they can work together to reliably connect, safely secure and successfully monetize the IoT. As you’ll see below, we’ve partnered with Briowireless, West Safety Services, and The Morey Corporation to accomplish just that.

So how does Gemalto work with these three players to provide connected, secure and revenue-driven technology designed to enhance the power of the Internet of Things?

First, let me ask a simpler question… Do you remember the Jetsons?

Just like with the Jetsons, today’s futuristic families and companies need a variety of services to safely and efficiently get you from place to place: a mechanic for maintenance of your flying space car, a module to connect you with your surroundings, and roadside – or skyside – assistance in case of emergency.

Briowireless’ BitPipe modules could enable the family’s smart car with connectivity across multiple networks, supporting services that would allow Mr. Jetson to notify Elroy and Judy’s schools when their pods are incoming or even forward a secure work document during his morning commute.

Or if Mr. Jetson were to ever crash, West’s Emergency Aware Service would be constantly collecting data from each connected device and reporting actionable information to emergency responders, improving situational awareness before they teleported to the scene of the accident.

Making George’s workday easier – and smooth his tumultuous relationship with Mr. Spacely – Morey’s MC-3 could be embedded underneath the dashboard of each sprocket delivery vehicle to enable efficient fleet management and maintenance alerts.

While the example may seem silly, the practical applications of the technologies are closer to becoming a reality than we think. Gemalto and our partners are ready now with products and solutions geared to connect, secure and monetize the IoT.

Stop by booth #412 at IoT World– or visit us online – to meet our experts and event partners to see firsthand how we contribute to a secure, connected future where families like the Jetsons can thrive.

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