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Last updated: 06 April 2018

Mobile World Congress 2018 was defined not only by major network and device announcements, but also by incredible IoT innovations.

The prestigious IoT Innovation World Cup® Pitch & Award Ceremony took place at MWC, recognizing the most innovative IoT start-ups of the year. It welcomed a total of 940 participants from all over the world, 32 of which made the finalist list, and 8 of which were recognized as award winners.

But before we dive into the winners and their solutions, let’s learn more about the IoT Innovation World Cup® Challenge itself.

What is the IoT Innovation World Cup® Challenge?

The IoT is changing the way technologies integrate with business operations – with applications in areas as diverse as structural monitoring, remote health and asset tracking. This revolution has had a huge impact on the industrial environment and everyday lives, which is why the IoT Innovation World Cup looks for front runners who have the potential to disrupt the existing paths and lead us to the new IoT era.

The Innovation World Cup® series has established itself as one of the most successful innovation platforms in the world, having run for 14 years now. The initiative aims to discover emerging applications, solutions and investment opportunities in new industries with great growth potential. It partners with over 45 leading regional Information and Communication Technology (ICT) clusters to provide access to expertise and alliance to those involved in the competition.

Who are this year’s winners?

The IoT Innovation World Cup® awarded the most innovative Internet of Things and Wearable Technology solutions from around the world. Participants competed for recognition in the following six categories: Industrial, Transport, Healthcare, Retail, Home & Lifestyle and City. Here’s who went home with IoT awards this year:

  • “City” – Digimondo GmbH (Germany) with Shaft monitor – Digimondo’s Shaft monitor is a battery-operated device that helps to monitor water level and temperature. Its advantages include a real-time feed of potential pipe damage, cost savings, long battery-life and strong signal penetration.
  • “Retail” – CM Systems LLC (United States) with Sensor Smart Kitchen – CM Systems LLC’s cloud-based solution transmits data in food service establishments, which face several environmental challenges. It aims to prevent food wastage and reduce the risk of food-borne illness.
CM Systems receiving the recognition for the Retail category.
  • “Home & Lifestyle” – Beexlab srl (Italy) with Al Bicchiere – Al Bicchiere is a smart dispenser with IoT functions for wine in a bag. It provides solutions to the limitations of consuming a bottled wine and could lead to the creation of new distribution channels in the wine industry.
  • “Healthcare” – StethoMe™ (Poland) with StethoMe™ – StethoMe™ is a non-invasive device that helps people check their own health. It is a wireless stethoscope, which makes examining of health independent and accurate, with sophisticated features such as a contactless thermometer and smart algorithms that notify disturbances that may occur.
StethoMe™ presentation
  • “Industrial” – G. BERNHARDT’s Söhne Ges.m.b.H (Austria) with Show water consumption and trigger alarms. BERNHARDT’s Söhne Ges.m.b.H’s solution transmits water meter values. The data can be displayed as a report in relation to a timeline of water consumption every 15 minutes. This generates close to 100 values a day, which can be used to monitor water consumption and trigger alarms.
  • IoT Innovator of the Year in “Transport” – MyClose (Italy). MyClose has developed a smart lock with global communication skills. It designs, produces and distributes locks that are able to fully protect properties and vehicles by worldwide tracking, full monitoring and mobile alarming.

The partners of the event gave away two more special prizes: The LoRaWAN™ Challenge powered by LoRa Alliance™ and Gemalto’s Security Award. The LoRaWAN™ award went to French company Tech4Race, which provides a real-time tracking solution for outdoor sports events, and iotech swiss was awarded Gemalto’s Security Award for COLIBRI, its plug ‘n’ play AI based solution that makes flying safer.

Tech4Race receiving the certificate for the LoRaWAN™ challenge.

Watch the IoT Innovation World Cup® movie here:

Congratulations to all of the winners! They are now part of the IoT Innovation World Cup’s Hall of Fame.

We’ll be going into detail for each of these companies in future posts, so stay tuned to discover more. In the meantime, you could find out more about our work in IoT by visiting our dedicated page.

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