IoT Solutions World Congress – What to Expect from Thales this Year

Last updated: 15 May 2024

We’re headed back to Barcelona this month for IoT Solutions World Congress.

Fuelled by the 5G rollout it’s predicted that there will be an additional 2.5 billion IoT devices and cellular connections by 2027. This surge is set to unlock the potential of massive IoT, paving the way for innovative use cases like smart meters and smart cities.

However, this exponential growth isn’t without its challenges. The management of SIM logistics and product variants becomes increasingly complex as devices are deployed globally. Moreover, the burgeoning number of connected devices amplifies the risk of cybersecurity attacks, posing significant security and regulatory hurdles.

To combat these challenges, the GSMA has introduced IoT SAFE – a robust set of standards aimed at securing IoT devices and cloud services at scale. This initiative is crucial in protecting sensitive data as we navigate the IoT landscape.

At such a pivotal moment for the industry, there’s never been a better time for us to connect with partners and customers alike.

Simplifying the IoT Ecosystem

The challenges facing the industry are vast and complex which is why we’ll be on hand to showcase Thales’ IoT Suite – the only commercial solution that can simplify the design, manufacturing, and deployment of cellular IoT devices without compromising security.

The suite stands out for adhering to the SGP.32 IoT eSIM standard – a game-changer in the IoT ecosystem. Designed with remotely deployed devices in mind, it’s a technical specification published by the GSMA that targets the unique needs of IoT devices, making it easier to manage and secure them remotely.

By leveraging eSIM technology, the Suite offers several benefits:

  • Flexibility: It enables devices to be easily managed and updated remotely, reducing the need for physical SIM card swaps and allowing for greater adaptability in the field.
  • Security: With the adoption of the SGP.32 standard, Thales ensures that devices are protected against physical and logical attacks, providing a secure environment for IoT operations.
  • Future-Proof: The suite complies with the latest GSMA eSIM IoT standards, ensuring that it remains relevant and capable of supporting massive IoT use cases for years to come.

Demonstrating the future of IoT

At the event we’re proud to demo how our solutions can secure the future of IoT with our cutting-edge TAC IoT tracker.

On the stand we’ll be able to show how the tracker can monitor the temperature of sensitive goods and report the data in real-time to an IoT platform through dynamically selected cellular networks. Utilising IoT Safe technology, it establishes a secure communication channel, while the embedded eUICC meticulously monitors key events such as power on, network loss, and country changes.

The Thales TAC server can seamlessly manage cellular profiles, enable downloads, swaps, or deletions across any SM-DP+ on the market. We’ll be showcasing the tracker’s ability to provide real-time data reporting, ensuring the highest level of security, along with localisation, resilience, mobility, and comprehensive lifecycle management.

A blueprint for a secure IoT future

As well as showcasing our solutions we’ll be talking to attendees about our strategic blueprint, which we believe is fundamental to help prepare for the IoT revolution. This blueprint encompasses three key pillars:

  • BUILD: We partner with OEMs and IoT providers to deliver bespoke design solutions that cater to unique requirements.
  • RUN: Our Connectivity Suite prioritises efficiency, guaranteeing seamless and cost-effective deployments from production to operation.
  • PROTECT: The Cyber Protection Suite acts as a shield, securing IoT devices and data with robust security measures from the factory to the field and from the edge to the cloud.

As we stand at the threshold of a new era in connectivity, it’s imperative to embrace the changes and challenges that come with massive IoT. By leveraging innovative solutions like Thales IoT Suite and adhering to standards like IoT SAFE, we can ensure a secure and efficient transition into the future of smart, connected technologies.

If you’re going to be in Barcelona between May21-23 then come and visit us at booth C101, or visit our website:

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