Video Interactive SMS: have a peek at how customers use it

Last updated: 20 March 2014

We’ve  just released  a video that shows how  Interactive SMS channel is a great  channel for permission-based marketing.  Four  characters easily interact  with their mobile operators  using it.  For each character, you will see a different use case:

  • The coffee-lover Alex  receives a pop-up message from his operator, inviting  him to join  a new VIP loyalty club. With just one click, he opts-in, selects his interests from a list, and the preferred times to get special offers. Alex appreciates being  control of  the information that is sent to him.
  • Clara was reading the news when her operator gave her the option to receive special coupons from her favorite brands. In less that 10 seconds, she  shared her preferences with her carrier and received the first relevant offer.
  • Adeline receives a message that with just one click takes her directly to the SIM Portal Menu. Being a prepaid user, she has no access to mobile web,  so she’s happy to see that her operator offers different services like news, horoscope, weather forecast, etc. Even more excited when her friend received a mobile coupon for the rock concert of her favorite band!
  • Jane relies on her internet connection to a prepaid SIM card inserted directly in her iPad and finds it very useful to be prompted by her operator to top-up the credit when her balance was running low.  With just one click, she selected the amount from a multiple choice menu.


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