MWC 2012 – making mobile payments smart and secure

Last updated: 30 September 2015

Mobile World Congress 2012 in all its glory is in full swing here in Barcelona and we have already been very busy at Gemalto, announcing UpTeq NFC, our smart SIM chip for mobile payments, as well as TSM solutions which we will be supplying to financial services company Chase.

Bloomberg  this morning covered the news that we will be introducing a SIM card tested by Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as announced by my colleague Philippe Vallée at the mobile showcase event earlier today. We think more and more people are going to start using their mobile devices for purchases such as bus tickets, cinema tickets and low-value store transactions, which is why we have developed this SIM card technology to offer secure payments on the move.

The rollout of services will be an ongoing process, so we have given carriers the ability to gradually upload services to the secure element as they build their partnerships with banks and transport companies so that the right service can be made available to customers at the right time.

Chase, meanwhile, has chosen our TSM solution for its enterprise-wide mobile payments platform. We have been working with Chase for a long time and are pleased to be able to provide a new service that is also set to benefit the Isis mobile wallet.

This will help expand our secure NFC payments offering to Chase’s significant customer base, as well as letting users manage their accounts securely via their mobile devices.

It is an exciting time in the mobile industry and this is just the start! Mobile payments are set to revolutionise the way each of us conduct our financial transactions so keep checking in on the blog for more from us at MWC 2012.

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