NFC business cards for SXSW attendees

Last updated: 20 March 2014

SXSW starts today in Austin, Texas. What started as a local music conference and festival in my hometown has grown into a huge international event covering the latest music, film and interactive technology. To give you a flavour, check out the video at the end of this post.

As one of the most rapidly growing technologies in 2012, the news that NFC is to be integrated into business cards comes as no surprise. NFC World reports that 1,000 attendees in Texas will be offered the chance to get the card that they can then use to share information as well as connecting on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Sarah Clark writes:

“The business cards enable NFC phone users to instantly access a cardholder’s personal, mobile-optimized microsite, provided by Vizibility, and is designed to provide professional services executives with an easy way to communicate with contacts and to integrate their mobile profile with a range of other online business services.”

This is another example of one of the wider uses of NFC, taking it beyond the perception that the technology is purely about enabling easier payments. As regular readers of our blog will know, the potential applications are huge, particularly when embedded in a SIM, and no doubt over the course of SXSW we will see a lot more exciting examples of innovative interactive technologies.


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