LTE advances demand increased – and award-winning – security

Last updated: 20 March 2014

The recent prediction from research consultancy IDATE that there will be 1 billion LTE subscribers globally by 2015 shows us how the world of mobile WiFi is evolving faster than ever before.  This world is not only evolving, but also growing rapidly as we can see considerable development in the US as Verizon Wireless have announced that its 4G LTE network now covers 500 markets in 49 states. With this all in mind, I believe we truly are entering a golden age of mobile WiFi progression.

This however does raise the question: Can security software and hardware keep up? And who is capable of maintaining and developing these security services?

Greater speed, demand and overall size of LTE networks have resulted in increased pressure for mobile network operators (MNOs) to ensure a higher level of required security. This level of security not only has to be thorough but also able to adapt to the new ever-changing world. This essentially means that security solution providers, and their solutions, have to be able to constantly adapt to this speeding LTE network development. These sorts of issues have been highlighted recently by Hans Cett in his blog covering the stresses and strains of 3G and 4G/LTE networks. In particular, Hans stated that ‘MNOs face increasing network complexity, security and network management concerns.’

Hans is right; the concerns facing MNOs, in particular security, are increasing rapidly as we step forward into a larger, faster mobile world… Fortunately for mobile WiFi users and those dependent on LTE networks, we have security in our genes, along with the capability to adapt, and we have developed the perfect combination to protect privacy in this fast moving world. Gemalto’s Advanced Connectivity solution combines an advanced OTA platform and LTE SIM card that are specifically designed to protect the SIM stronghold from hackers who will ultimately fail when faced with this most secure combination.

The company’s efficient Advanced Connectivity solution has consequently been rewarded for this development and commitment to security.  At the LTE World Summit this week, Gemalto received the award for “Best LTE security product”.  This prestigious industry prize is the sixth secured by our Advanced Connectivity solution in the span of just two years. I see this as just another example of how Gemalto is being recognized for leading this industry.

In an ever-changing world of telecommunications, security concerns will continue to grow. The best way to alleviate these concerns is continue to stay at least one step ahead of hackers with advanced technology that is also convenient.

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