Our MWC25 winner

Last updated: 14 April 2015

At the start of Mobile World Congress last month, we launched a competition to get your predictions for the mobile technology we might be talking about at this agenda-setting trade show in 10 years’ time.

We have now reviewed the entries, and unfortunately many predictions – while entertaining – seemed to be more general predictions about the future of other aspects of consumer electronics than mobile technology and Mobile World Congress specifically: we had ideas submitted for pet-translators, teleportation devices and more. And so whilst there are doubtless of you who hopped into your time-travelling Deloreans, only one winner really applied that thinking and future gazing specifically to the mobile industry. So we decided there could only be one (to quote another great 80s movie) and selected Salman Khwaja from Pakistan. Many congratulations! Salman, if you’re reading this please get in touch! We’ve tried contacting you via your blog but haven’t had a response.

Salman’s prediction was:

“Connected Cars, Automatic Driving with Sensors, Phones telling you about what your eating preferences are, in what mood you are for, what’s your mood will like in your next snack time, what snack you should be having according to your health, where you should be heading next based on your calendar, and which route would you be taking. In other words, we would be doing nothing but using our Smart Phones, connected cars. So what will we be doing? We would be thinking the next generation of connected world, where by we would be predicting the future, based on our habits, histories.”

Salman’s idea builds on the mobile technologies emerging today – from the first autonomous cars to mobile health trackers – and extrapolates them into the future. We think this would have fascinating implications for future mobile operators: much more data traffic, more devices hooked up to the Internet of Things directly, and new challenges around managing secure communications to and from people and the intelligent, connected urban infrastructure we’ll see in the smarter cities of tomorrow.

Congratulations to Salman and thanks to all who entered. We’ll be featuring more content – and hopefully gathering more input, and hosting more discussions – about the future of mobile very soon.

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