eSIM Connect – The Future of Connectivity

Last updated: 17 August 2022

eSIM Connect, where industry specialists will discuss and showcase how eSIM technology will revolutionize the telecommunications ecosystem and value chain, takes place today and tomorrow. As we come closer to this reality, industry players have discussed concerns with regards to reliability, interoperability, cost, infrastructure, customer ownership and business strategies. All these will be raised at the eSIM conference.

Providing a range of insights, Gemalto’s Vice President of Connectivity and Embedded Solutions – Benoit Jouffrey, is attending the eSIM event as a speaker and panelist. He discussed key developments across sectors and analyzed case studies of eSIM technology at his presentation “Turning eSIM On” that took place this morning. On Day 2 of the conference, Benoit will be part of a panel with representatives from Deutsche Telecom and Swisscom, to discuss how to identify new revenue opportunities with enhanced customer experience. The panel discussion will take place on Wednesday 15th November from 2:30 – 3:05pm.

If you’re at the conference this year, make sure you meet with Benoit to discuss why the eSIM is the future of connectivity.

Along with Benoit’s presentation, one M2M and two consumer demos were showcased. Hear about the evolution of eSIM technology and what tremendous change it brings to the telecoms ecosystem. Here’s a summary of the demos and what they showcased:

  • Always on IoT – Bringing Subscription Management capabilities with QoS Insights – The demo will be presented with an IoT use case, and highlight GSMA recommendations for interoperability and SM-SR change.
  • Full Digital Consumer On-Boarding and Connectivity Management – this demo integrates with MNO’s new digitized infrastructure and services, providing a smooth and straightforward evidence of how objects can be connected. It showcases how to be compliant with new regulations. Indeed, a smooth eSIM activation will be instrumental in making the adoption of it a success.
  • Digital eSIM Manager – This demo addresses the challenge for MNOs about minimizing the impact of the arrival of the eSIM in their existing infrastructure, while keeping the best user experience, and taking into account the diversity of devices that should be managed.

For more information on eSIM technology, make sure you get in touch with us. Gemalto is first in the world to be fully certified by the GSMA for secure eSIM subscription management. We have the largest base of MNO subscription profiles and the ability to facilitate worldwide reach. Our interoperable On-Demand Connectivity (ODC) solution supports remote provisioning of a wide range of eSIM vendors, MNOs and subscription management platforms in M2M applications. In addition, our On-Demand Connectivity solution gives OEM, MNO and Service Providers the capability to deliver a seamless customer experience for connecting consumer and industrial devices. Together, the eSIM and the subscription management platform enable you to securely manage the lifecycle of cellular subscriptions.

We’re very excited to be at this year’s eSIM Connect Conference and we hope to see you there! Make sure to connect with us on Twitter @Gemalto.

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