5 fun things to do at MWC19

Last updated: 18 October 2019

MWC Barcelona this year is already promising to be the best in recent memory. To ensure you make the most of your time at the show, here are five things not to miss!

  1. Foldable smartphones

Be one of the first to put the new foldable smartphones to the test! As we have already seen with the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold, foldable phones are latest hot trend in smartphone technology, offering something much more innovative than recent new releases. The potential of these devices to attract consumers has led to many other big brands such as Huawei, ZTE and Oppo joining the party. Many attendees at MWC will be flocking to play with these state-of-the-art devices and judge if these dual-screen folder phones can bridge the gap between the traditional mobile phone and a tablet device. The question is: will you be keen to have one? Let us know as you try them out by tweeting to us @GemaltoMobile.

  1. Trial the latest Augmented Reality headset

Microsoft has returned to Barcelona after a few quiet few years with the highly anticipated second version of their augmented reality headset, HoloLens 2. The addition of a Snapdragon processor will allow the headset to be used outside of a Wi-Fi network and untethered to wires, meaning users will have greater mobility with the device than ever before. Although Microsoft is aiming to sell the device to a range of corporations in the future, the opportunity to experience how doctors might use Microsoft’s technology to assist with operations in the future is certainly the most appealing use case so far.

  1. Explore the abilities of the cars of the future

Several car manufacturers, including Volkswagen, Tesla and Daimler are exhibiting on the show floor this year, showcasing new digital mobility services and apps in their cars. Those attending MWC will be able to test the technology in the latest car models, which are expected to demonstrate better intelligent connections between the surrounding infrastructure and other cars.

And if this wasn’t enough to inspire a visit to a car manufacturer stand this year, SEAT is premiering the world’s first ‘5G connected car’, making reliable, autonomous driving a reality. With the connected car market growing 10 times as fast as the overall car market and with expectations of cutting-edge technology in cars at an all-time high, the desire to show off new products and to be the most innovative car manufacturing brand, means MWC goers will no doubt be in for a treat this year. But what technology actually goes into a connected car? See our tweet below for an inside look!

  1. Check out what is in store with the newest development in smart cities

As the IoT grows, so do the plans for intelligent transportation systems, smart parks and even robotic lawn mowing! The plans for smart cities of the future are not new to MWC; however, this year the focus is centered around how the mobile industry can help smart cities to make significant progress towards UN sustainable development goals. The significant progress made with 5G over the past year means that the smart city models and the data storage required to create them are closer than ever to implementation. The ability to explore and get to grips with just how the IoT will work in practice in large cities across the world means the smart cities tour at MWC 2019 may not be that dissimilar to real cities in the near future!

  1. Try out a world of hyper connectivity with the best 5G networks

5G is coming in 2020 and with less than a year before it is rolled out there is one big name on everyone’s mind. Huawei has made no secret of its desire to embrace the 5G era, building technology solutions for the next generation. The world will be watching closely at MWC 19, as Huawei has promised products that will be commercially applicable for network and storage businesses in the 5G era. With 5G set to be the next generation’s big technology leap, significantly impacting society’s progress for generations to come, a visit to the Huawei stand to experience what this era of wireless applications and AI could be like is not to be missed by tech lovers.

So, there you have it – five things you shouldn’t miss at MWC 2019! Do you agree with our selection? Or, do you think there are other options we should add to our list? Let us know by tweeting your thoughts to @GemaltoMobile or @Gemalto.

And if you’re at MWC this year do come and check out the Gemalto stand (2J41, Hall 2) to see our latest demos and meet our experts.

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