How to Pick the Best 5G SIM Card Provider – Part Two

Last updated: 06 April 2023

What is on the checklist for CSPs and OEMs when selecting a 5G SIM provider? In case you missed it, our first blog in this series gave an overview into why security, reliability and scalability were so important – but it doesn’t stop there.

In this second part, we’ll be uncovering more important factors that customers consider.

#5. Do the customer references stack up?  

Is your provider willing to share customer experience and references? 5G SIM cards are relatively new in the market, so early customers can provide valuable recommendations and insights.

Feedback from existing customers will provide insight into the company’s service skills, industry experience and reliability with answers to such questions:

  • Has the provider delivered on their promises?
  • How did the supplier manage the manufacturing and delivery challenges during these times of Covid and chip shortage?
  • Did the 5G SIM cards consistently meet specified quality requirements?
  • Was the support team able to help you with any questions or issues?

A trustworthy provider will readily share its customers’ experiences.

#6. Innovation is a must

You want a provider ahead of the game, not just keeping up with it. Choose a provider that is dedicated to driving the future of 5G.

While you probably do not look forward to being the guinea pig that experiences the latest 5G technology, you also do not wish to lag behind. Offering the latest services and embracing the new technology early on will ultimately give you a competitive advantage.

#7. Take supplier relationships to the next level

We’ve been told by several CSPs and OEMs that relying solely on cost to drive procurement decisions can limit the value they can generate.

When both buyers and suppliers are open to cooperation, they can work together to find innovative ways to create value that benefits both parties. Whether through joint product development, joint cost savings initiatives, or other forms of collaboration, these partnerships have the potential to deliver remarkable benefits to all stakeholders.

How to get the most out of your 5G network

The right 5G SIM card provider can help you get the most out of your 5G network, keep your devices and data secure, and support your growth and expansion into new markets.

Consider a provider with a robust global manufacturing presence, flexible supply chain strategy and strong customer relationships with a track record in addressing critical business challenges.

Thales has extensive experience and success in the SIM market, as evidenced by the release of the first 5G SIM in 2019 and its current SIM market-leading position with a 23% market share and 450+ telecom operator partnerships in 150 countries.

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