Welcome to Gemalto’s Enterprise Security blog

Last updated: 21 March 2014

Welcome one and all to our new enterprise security blog. If you’re reading this, it’s quite likely that over the past six months you’ve already checked out our corporate and telecoms blogs, and hopefully liked what you’ve seen.

This new property will include all of the news, views and discussions that we think are relevant to readers from large businesses. In a world which is increasingly reliant on digital communication, enterprise security is becoming ever more crucial, and we think the subjects we’ll be covering will be important not only to IT workers or security chiefs, but indeed to everyone within large organisations.

As with our other blogs, we’ll aim to share our expertise and opinions, but we also want to encourage as many people as possible to join the discussion. As ever, you can leave comments below each post or email the author directly by clicking on the contact link below. Also, if you like what you see, then share it by Tweeting, Liking or +1ing, using the buttons below.

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Gemalto’s Enterprise Security blog

    1. P K,

      Thanks for the comment and please feel free to share your thoughts on the topics. We want this to be an interactive forum and welcome feedback and thoughts on the ever-evolving world of security.


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