Secure eBanking with Ezio Optical Reader – it’s easy

Last updated: 21 March 2014

We recently experienced one of the biggest tech events of the year – CES 2012. A hub of technology launches, consumer experiences and computing giants jostling for attention, one of the key trends at the show was motion-enabled TV and motion-controlled devices (think Tom Cruise using a Minority Report-style control of content on screens and devices around you).

Now imagine the same technology at work on your bank card. Some bank cards can now communicate via optical sensors with a computer, capturing the transaction data required and removing the need for One Time Passwords (OTP) or the entering of data via the reader keyboard.

German bank Sparkasse Südholstein introduced our Ezio Optical Reader last year, with the main aim being to provide convenient, yet secure, eBanking for its customers. As the head of media distribution said himself: “The main criteria in selecting the Ezio TAN generator was user acceptance.”

Strong authentication is vital when it comes to sharing financial data online, especially with Germany featuring the largest number of eBanking customers in Europe. However, customers can often be dissuaded from using online banking capabilities if additional security measured are difficult to use. A number of banks, such as HSBC, have discovered that a solution which is too complex will invite customer backlash, irrespective of its security benefits.

The importance of a mobile, convenient and Minority Report-esque security solution for eBanking customers is what encouraged the Sparkasse Südholstein to introduce the Ezio Optical Reader. See how it works here and whether you’d welcome it.


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