Twelve months of enterprising blogging

Last updated: 21 March 2014

Today the Gemalto Enterprise blog celebrates its first anniversary.

Since the birth of the Enterprise Blog on August 30th 2011, we’ve given our view on many of the biggest stories in the world of enterprise security and authentication. These have included everything from passwords to privacy, and Google to Genesis.

Having shared so many of my own opinions on these subjects on the blog over the past year, some may think there is almost nothing that remains unsaid. And yet every day I encounter new stories which make it all the more evident that, so far, we have only scratched the surface of the many security threats affecting businesses across the globe.

Just yesterday, I came across the news that hacktivists GhostShell had leaked more than one million account details collected from over 100 different websites over the course of last weekend. This is a huge breach, yet compared to some of the other catastrophes we have seen this year (such as the LinkedIn and Global Payments scandals) has attracted relatively little attention. If nothing else, this shows us how commonplace major acts of cybercrime such as this have become. Add to this the huge changes being brought about by the convergence of consumer and business technology, and the effect this is having upon our behaviour, and it’s clear that there’s currently more than enough material to keep us occupied.

As long as huge stories like this continue to break, there will always be plenty of material for us to discuss. Whilst it’s nice to think that one day these threats will be eradicated, I don’t see the war on cybercrime being won any time soon, so in the meantime keep tuned in to the blog for the months and years ahead.

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