Influencing technology purchases in a super connected world

Last updated: 21 March 2014

The internet influences our buying decisions. Whether in a personal or professional capacity, who doesn’t turn to the World Wide Web to look up a certain brand, product or service offering?

In fact, a recent study by Nielsen in India looking at the influence of the internet on technology product purchases revealed that the internet influences the behavior of buyers across all types of cities and towns: 70% of Indian tech shoppers know exactly what to buy from their online research before they even set foot in the store.

Increasingly, however, we are expecting the same relationship from our digital and social interactions as we have grown up with in real life – trust in knowledge and influence. Why else do we bookmark our favorite blogs and create lists of our preferred Twitter contacts? Because we are looking for that trusted insight and valued knowledge. As the Financial Times wrote, ‘…online information – from blog posts to downloadable reports – [is] helping to build a long-term relationship between buyer and seller.’

This is why we invest in building contacts and connections, both in the offline world, at conferences, through meetings, through acquaintances and friends and family, but also online, through our blog, our social media channels and in valued LinkedIn groups.

My fellow technology blogger Virginia Benedict has, to that effect, set up two blogs that aim to drive conversation and collaboration on key technology topics: TechMarket Editor™ and SocialTech Editor™. Both focus on knowledge sharing and encourage the creation of original discussions, as they afford us the opportunity to display our technical prowess, establishing us as subject matter experts.

It’s a big world out there on- and offline, but digital and social media channels can bring us closer together. It’s about ensuring you have found and are nurturing those influencers you trust, and continuing to give a voice to the technology topics you care about.

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