SaaS Apps Accelerating an Identity & Access Management Evolution to the Cloud

Last updated: 09 May 2014

This content was originally posted on our CloudEntr blog site May 5, 2014.

Whether you’re a small business owner or the head of an IT department, you know that today your businesses’ goals drive IT in your organization and for the majority of you that means cloud has been a tactic in executing your strategy. A tactic often used to reduce cost, promote mobility, offer a better delivery model to customers, or even outsource expertise to the software professionals with the know-how in the right industry. But with the cloud came new security risks, and a need for a new level of security to accomplish or better yet preserve business goals.

Today, best practice companies use Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions as a foundation to securing their organization for both on-premise (behind your company’s firewall) and in the cloud. To get to the heart of the issue, CloudEntr ran a study in late 2013 with The 451 Group of more than 200 business management, IT, and security professionals at small to enterprise companies, diving deep into the state of the cloud-delivered Identity and Access Management (IAM) security market. Ultimately to discover 2014 trends and how exactly companies prioritize plans, formulate decision making, and ultimately choose a vendor or partner in their cloud security journey. And we are making the resulting insights available to you, because who better to learn from then your peers right?

We have several key takeaways and some clear indicators to share as to why IAM solutions are a top priority for companies in 2014, all of which you can view in detail over the CloudEntr blog. Or you can check out the infographic below, which will give you all the key facts.

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Are Cloud Apps Accelerating an IAM Evolution?

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