CloudEntr Brings Big Business Identity and Access Management to the Small Enterprise: A Review

Last updated: 22 July 2014

Over at CloudEntr, we love to be loved by our customers (spoiler: we love them back), so we were especially excited to receive a little press from one of our customers AVISIAN Publishing, publishers of more than 10 print and digital publications specializing in the identification technology space.

AVISIAN shared the same pain as many of our customers regardless of industry did: too many SaaS apps with no way to manage and share access securely with their colleagues and/or customers. So the AVISIAN team took the plunge by evaluating password managers and identity and access management solutions. They recorded their journey and evaluation of CloudEntr in the Summer 2014 issue of Regarding ID (re:ID).

Read the full review on their website here, or check it out below.

Oh and here’s some inside information… CloudEntr will release a strong password generator available for any library or custom app as a part of our July Release available later this month!


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