[Report] 77% of SMB IT pros cite employees as weakest link in Cloud security

Last updated: 19 November 2014

When it comes to cloud security, what are the pressing concerns of IT pros at SMBs?  We went straight to the source – IT professionals at SMBs – and asked them.

Our colleagues at CloudEntr, with the help of the Spiceworks IT community, recently surveyed 430+ IT pros to find what SMBs were really thinking about the cloud, the impact they felt from security breaches—and most importantly what they plan to do in 2015. The results? The inaugural State of SMB Cybersecurity report.  Our study revealed as cloud usage has risen within businesses, the IT pros that work for them have felt the impact of more frequent security breaches. The cause and solution according to the survey? Employees.

IT departments are often battling employees to keep security top of mind, so it’s no surprise to find that echoed in these survey results.  But it’s worth highlighting because it reinforces this truth: The most successful cloud security tools will be the ones that are easy for employees to use.  Every intersection where each employee accesses a cloud application is a security perimeter that needs to be addressed, and, in doing so, businesses need to provide security measures that fit into the employees’ workflow instead of trying to force workers to adopt a cumbersome protocol.

Macey Morrison wrote a great blog on the CloudEntr site that’s worth a read for her insights on interpreting the entire survey.

Check out this infographic for a quick look at some of the survey results, or download the entire State of SMB Cybersecurity report.

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