Customer Spotlight: Certificate-Based Authentication Enables PKI-as-a-Service

Last updated: 16 May 2016

This post originally appeared on SafeNet’s The Art of Data Protection blog prior to SafeNet being acquired by Gemalto.

Nippon RA created a solution enabling cloud providers to secure access to cloud-based applications and assets using integrated PKI authentication. By installing digital certificates on users’ devices, Nippon RA is able to verify a user’s identity and allow or deny access to protected cloud applications.

The rapid increase in multiple computers, mobile devices, and smartphones caused Nippon RA to seek a solution that enabled the same secure PKI infrastructure without tying users to only one device. SafeNet authentication solutions store certificates on portable USB devices or software tokens, so the certificate is validated from the SafeNet token, not the user’s computer. Nippon RA continues to offer cloud providers safe, secure authentication to cloud applications, while customers can securely access cloud-based assets from any computer or device.

“SafeNet provides us with a low-cost, safe and secure authentication infrastructure to support a variety of cloud services. It gives our PKI service more flexibility so that users can authenticate to cloud applications on any computer or device, at the office, or at home,” said Seiji Tadokoro, Executive of Sales.

Read the full case study in English or Japanese to see how SafeNet authentication increased security while enabling mobility and user flexibility.

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Nippon RA Authentication Case Study

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