Securing Sensitive Data in IBM SoftLayer with SafeNet ProtectV and Virtual KeySecure

Last updated: 16 May 2016

This post originally appeared on SafeNet’s The Art of Data Protection blog – now part of the Gemalto Digital Security blog.

ProtectV and Virtual KeySecure Now Available in the IBM SoftLayer Cloud

SafeNet Security Enhancements for IBM SolutionsLast week, we published a blogpost that discussed the importance of owning your encryption keys—and your data—when you move your sensitive data to the cloud. The IBM SoftLayer cloud platform has high levels of performance, integration, automation and global availability, which make it an unmistakably attractive offering in this space.

This week, Gemalto is announcing the ability to leverage SafeNet solutions to encrypt sensitive workloads in the IBM SoftLayer cloud platform and own and manage your keys–so you can not only securely migrate data to the IBM cloud, but also prove that you own and control your data from inception to deletion.

Two products will be available on IBM Cloud Marketplace in the coming weeks: SafeNet ProtectV encrypts entire virtual machine instances and attached storage volumes while SafeNet Virtual KeySecure provides centralized enterprise key management solutions like ProtectV-secured instances AND third-party encryption solutions such as IBM XIV storage, IBM N Series, and dozens of other devices and services.

We’re making this announcement at the IBM InterConnect 2015 conference in Las Vegas, Februrary 22-26, 2015. If you’re planning on attending, make sure to stop by Booth #923. SafeNet will be discussing the dozens of integrations we have with IBM products, including the new IBM Cloud Marketplace offerings:

  • Learn how you can secure data AND meet compliance mandates with customer-owned encryption keys in the IBM could.
  • View demos of SafeNet Virtual KeySecure and ProtectV—two products that provide IBM SoftLayer customers with complete control of their data and satisfy compliance——because you can prove key ownership.
  • Discover how encryption affects cloud data security in our Own and Manage Your Encryption Keys White Paper.
  • Learn how to further refine your cloud security scenario with products featured in our ebook: SafeNet Security Enhancements for IBM Solutions.
  • Enter to win the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 we’ll be raffling off on the last day of the show.

Put our booth, #923, at the top of your list of those to visit and we’ll see you in Las Vegas—and look for our products on IBM Cloud Marketplace in the coming weeks!

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