InfoSec Europe 2015: Three films where data and identity breaches were serious business

Last updated: 08 August 2022

This week at InfoSecurity Europe in London, we are showcasing our SafeNet Identity and Data Protection solutions that protect what matters most to enterprise; data and identity.

The disappearance of a defined perimeter has created significant complexity for enterprise with more applications, data and services being managed and stored both in and off premise. This is compounded by the increasing need for employees to access information anytime, anywhere, from any device. Yet, when a problem does arise, our Data Security Confidence Index found that the vast majority of organizations are not confident in their ability to protect data after a breach.

At Stand G120, we’re demonstrating how enterprise can take a new approach security, something Hollywood has shown is very much needed.

We’re not sure is there is anything more terrifying than having not just your online identity stolen but your actual face – but that’s exactly what Nicholas Cage and John Travolta had to contend with in the 1997 classic Face/Off. In the movie, a blood test is needed to prove John Travolta’s character is who he says he is. This test acted as a form of two-factor authentication, something that is part of our SafeNet Authentication Service, which supports the widest range of authentication use cases for consumers, your employees and your partners.

Hacker Boris Grishenko took control of a weapons satellite remotely in Goldeneye that really could have done with better data encryption. His bravado with an exploding pen was his undoing (and a vat of liquid nitrogen), but had that not happened London would have been wiped out. Protecting sensitive data across the cloud, within databases, networks, servers and storage is essential and our team will be demonstrating how our full ramge of SafeNet solutions can help achieve this goal.

In Ocean’s 13, George Clooney and co come up against The Greco, an artificial intelligence that ensures all casino wins are legitimate. As many security professionals know, often the biggest liability is human error. The film’s antagonist is tricked into bringing a magnetron into the command centre of The Greco, which senses a threat and shuts down as a precaution. This gives the heroes the chance to rig all the games on the casino floor causing massive losses for the baddie. It is here that end-to-end crypto management would have come in handy preventing many of breaches that lead to the film’s climax. If you come to our stand, we’ll show you how our products can help scale, provision and support crypto operations in an on-demand manner to secure all applications, data and services.

InfoSecurity Europe 2015 promises to be another fascinating trade show and we’re very excited that our very own Jason Hart, vice president Cloud Services, Identity and Data Protection, will be speaking. If you’re around on Thursday, 4 June at 10:40 do check out his talk: The Virtual World Exposed: Hacking the Cloud.

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