What not to miss at InfoSecurity Europe 2015

Last updated: 02 June 2015

InfoSecurity Europe, taking place in London this week, is the biggest annual IT security event in Europe. But with so much to cram into three days, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s going on – so we’ve pulled together a guide to some of the event’s must-see happenings.

John McAfee’s guest appearance

One of the most controversial IT security personalities in the world, John McAfee is due to make an appearance at the show tomorrow. The founder of McAfee, almost equally well known for his involvement in a murder investigation, is expected to share his latest thoughts on security, privacy and surveillance, as well as insight on last year’s Sony Pictures hack. His appearance at the show is part of an invite-only event, but a limited supply of VIP tickets should be available on site to registered attendees.

Cracking the Cipher Challenge with Simon Singh

Back in 1999, British author, journalist and TV producer Simon Singh released The Code Book, a written history of codes and code breaking. Within its pages, he hid 10 encrypted messages and promised £10,000 to the first person or team that could crack them. Just over a year later, the puzzle was solved. Singh will give a keynote speech at 10am tomorrow explaining how he set the challenge and how the winners cracked it. He’ll also look into the history of cryptography and demonstrate an original Second World War Enigma machine.

Know Your Adversary: Who is the Cybercriminal?

What should be a fascinating panel discussion is also taking place on Tuesday, promising insight from the UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit, the FBI and Europol into the character traits of the modern cybercriminal. As well as looking at their motivations and psychology, the panel will touch on state-sponsored attacks and the emergence of DarkNets.

The Virtual World Exposed: Hacking the Cloud with Jason Hart, vice president Cloud Services, Identity and Data Protection, Gemalto

Last but not least, our own Jason Hart is giving a Tech Talk at 10:40am on Thursday about security vulnerabilities in the cloud. Jason will explain how vulnerable cloud computing, SaaS and virtual environments can be without the correct user and data security controls, touching on the risks of password controls, software keys and employees’ personal online habits.

Those are just some of the highlights from what should be an informative and engaging show. If you’re coming down, we’d also welcome to you to the Gemalto booth (Stand G210), where we’ll be showing how our SafeNet Identity and Data Protection solutions can help enterprises adopt a new data security mindset, focused on data and identities. Hope to see you there!

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