Microsoft Azure Customers Can Now Maintain Compliance and Control of Sensitive Data with SafeNet ProtectV

Last updated: 16 May 2016

ProtectV for Microsoft Azure IconGemalto works with a number of cloud providers to make the cloud a safer place to store sensitive corporate assets and customer information. Often, businesses hesitate to move compliance-regulated or business-sensitive data to the cloud—especially when stealing a virtual machine can be as simple as copying a file.

Since tenant data becomes co-mingled in the cloud, businesses need to ensure that no one, not even the cloud provider, can access their information. And, for businesses that are considering moving highly-regulated data to the cloud, they need assurance that cloud storage can achieve compliance with stringent data privacy regulations. It’s no wonder that concerns around security and compliance are preventing businesses from gaining the economic and efficiency benefits that cloud computing has to offer.

Today, Gemalto announces a product release that gives business owners the ability to encrypt sensitive data on Microsoft Azure while maintaining compliance requirements and achieving high levels of data protection.  Gemalto SafeNet ProtectV, available on the Azure Marketplace, secures sensitive and highly regulated data by encrypting data within entire virtual machines instances and attached storage volumes.  By doing so, data is safeguarded and completely isolated from Microsoft Azure, other tenants, and any other unauthorized parties.

SafeNet ProtectV helps organizations improve data control and governance by allowing customers to separate security administration duties, enforce granular controls, and establish clear accountability with audit trails and detailed compliance reporting.  It supports compliance with NIST FIPS 140-2, FISMA and Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls, HIPPA/HITECH, PCI DSS, NIST SP 800-144 Cloud Security Guidelines, and OMB Cloud First Programs.

By offering SafeNet ProtectV on the Azure Marketplace, Gemalto delivers a simple and easy way for customers to deploy a robust encryption framework that is consumed on-demand directly from their cloud provider and allows  them to move to Microsoft Azure with confidence that doesn’t compromise convenience.

To learn more about cloud compliance and how businesses can comply, control, and protect data on Microsoft Azure with SafeNet ProtectV, visit our webpage, where you can:

  • Start your FREE 30-day, no-obligation trial of SafeNet ProtectV on the Azure Marketplace.
  • Take a deep dive into the SafeNet ProtectV for Azure solution by downloading the Enabling Compliance on Microsoft Azure with SafeNet ProtectV Solution Brief.
  • Learn how SafeNet ProtectV allows customers to take full advantage of virtualization and the cloud—while at the same time ensuring compliance with relevant security policies and regulatory mandates—by downloading the SafeNet ProtectV: Enabling Compliance in Cloud and Virtual Computing Environments Whitepaper.
  • Find out what other SafeNet security solutions are available for Microsoft Applications by reading the Security Solutions for Microsoft Applications eBook.
  • Discover the findings of The Challenges of Cloud Information Governance: A Global Data Security Study which focuses on how organizations are putting confidential information at risk in the cloud because of the lack of appropriate governance policies and security practices.

Visit now for all of those resources and more.

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