Is your cloud security like the wild west? Protect Your Data, Be the Sheriff

Last updated: 21 November 2016

Data Security in the AWS Cloud Blog Series
This is the fifth in a series cloud-security-protectionof blog posts about how to address data security in the AWS cloud environment with the SafeNet product line from Gemalto. 


The Public Cloud and the Wild West: Lands of Opportunity, Risk, and Possibility
Much like today’s cloud frontier, the American frontier of the late 1800s was a place where opportunities, risks, and ideas converged. For pioneers, the unchartered territory involved sacrifices, presented dangers, and required bravery, but the dream of land ownership and a better life were possibilities that could not be ignored. Such is the case for today’s business and IT leaders: they see the benefits of cost-savings and agility offered in the cloud, but fear for the safety of their data and their businesses in the new cloud frontier.

For today’s business leaders, the idea of keeping data secure in the cloud can seem like trying to enforce order in the Wild West. If the pioneers struggled to keep their families and land safe from outlaws and gunfighters in the new frontier, how can business leaders keep company data stored in the new cloud era—including the data of prospects, customers, clients, vendors, and partners—safe from hackers?

The truth is that with the right data encryption products, you can protect your data in the cloud. While public cloud service providers, such as AWS, deliver the infrastructure and foundation necessary to run business applications and store data, enterprises have the ability and responsibility for protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data they store in the cloud.

Understanding cloud data security—encryption features, options, and add-ons that offer different levels of protection—is vital to keeping public cloud data safe. And, while AWS is dedicated to protecting mission-critical information from accidental or deliberate theft, leakage, integrity compromise, and deletion, ultimately, it’s up to individual enterprises to provide the additional security measures they deem necessary to protect their cloud data and meet compliance mandates.

Explore the AWS Cloud Frontier with Encryption and Key Management from Gemalto
A world leader in data security, Gemalto offers a comprehensive solution for securing entire virtual machine instances, attached storage volumes, and encryption keys on the AWS Cloud—and it can be purchased through AWS Marketplace. Together, SafeNet ProtectV and SafeNet Virtual Key Secure offer AWS customers an end-to-end security solution for their virtual machines and storage encryption needs.

With SafeNet ProtectV, you can secure data in the cloud, encrypt entire virtual machine instances and storage volumes, isolate data, and separate duties. SafeNet Virtual KeySecure offers centralized key management for SafeNet ProtectV-secured virtual machines.  This security combination from Gemalto unifies encryption and control across virtualized and cloud infrastructures.


There’s a New Sheriff in Town and it’s YOU!
Secure Your Data in the Cloud with Gemalto and AWS

Take control of your data encryption and experience the benefits of virtual machine storage in an AWS environment with a free 30-day trial of SafeNet ProtectV and SafeNet Virtual KeySecure. For more information about how Gemalto provides data protection in the AWS Cloud and how to receive a promotional code for a $100 in AWS infrastructure credits when you sign up for a Gemalto free trial, explore the Secure the Public Cloud Wild West campaign.

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